Mr Raymond & Mrs Wendy Ackerman


De Grendel Wines
Mr John and Mrs Anne Field Lady Mary Hatch
Mr Helmut and Mrs Gerda Jung
Mr Natie and Mrs Frances Kirsh
Mr Jerome O’ Regan
Mr Helmut and Mrs Laurel Prast
Mr Allister Rogan


Dr Sean and Mrs Fiona Baumann
Mr Laurence and Mrs Rita Chiappini
Mr Martin G Hess


Mr Simon Avery
Mr Ivan and Mrs Liz Fallon
Mr Pieter Fourie
Mr Niall and Mrs Rosemarie Gallagher
Mr Nick and Mrs Stephanie Harley
Mr Graham and Mrs Bunty Money
Ms Carien Ras
Mr Peter and Mrs Lorna Rogan
Mr Edward Saunders
Mr Simon Susman
Mr Bill Van Rensburg


Mr Mervyn and Mrs Helen Bradlow
Mr Peter and Mrs Meg Davidson
Sir Alan and Lady Gillian Grose
Hoopenburg Wines
Mrs Gloria Kaminski
Countess Sylvia Labia
Mr Denis and Mrs Mary Anne Le Jeune
Mr Hartmut and Mrs Marietjie Nowak
Mr George and Mrs Susan Smith
Mr Kerry Underwood


Mr Nicholas and Mrs Carol Brigstocke
Mr Charles Bryant
Ms Christine Davies
Mr Geoff and Mrs Rosemarie Evans
Dr Franca Falanga
Mr Pierangelo and Mrs Rosy Fornara
Mr Robert Fowlds
Mr Max and Mrs Lisa Hopfl
Ms Brita Lomba
Mr Francois Marais
Mr Martin Nicol
Dr. Tony and Mrs Vicki Norcliffe
Hon Judge Tim Pontius
Ms Katherine Reardon and Ms Carol Albertyn
Mr Robert Silbermann
Ms Shirley Sherwood
Mr Mike and Mrs Gail Strong
Mr Peter and Mrs Uschi Stuart
That’s Travel, Mr Thomas Bauerkämper and Mr Haakon Fritzsche
Mr Henk Van der Tak
Prof. Rian Viviers


HMRC Charities


Mrs H Arndt
Mr JJL Bertin
Mrs H Braam
Mrs AM Goosen
Mrs EB Manning

Special thanks to those individuals and companies who have contributed to our fundraising auction events and concerts:

Mr Bob and Mrs Elisabeth Boas
Lady (Mary) Hatch
Simonsig Wines
Temple Church
Temple Music Foundation
Ms Naomi Waite.