Lady (Mary) Hatch,
The Lord and Lady Lurgan Trust
Mr Robert Silbermann and Ms Ruth Walton*


Dame Linda Dobbs DBE,
Mr Peter and Mrs Lorna Rogan,
Mr Niall and Mrs Rosemarie Gallagher


Mr Simon Avery
Mr Stephen and Mrs Doreen Cannon
Mr Peter and Mrs Meg Davidson
Mr Anthony & Mrs Jenny Newhouse
Prof Dr Katz & Dr JTS Katz


Lord Paul and Lady Janet Boateng
Mr Tom and Mrs Sheila Boardman
Ms Linda Dolan
Mr Ivan and Mrs Liz Fallon
Mr David and Mrs Veronica Golder
Mr Mark and Mrs Sarah Holford
Mr Max and Mrs Lisa Hopfl
Lady (Sara) Morton
Dr Tony and Mrs Vicki Norcliffe
Hon Judge Tim Pontius
Mr Kerry Underwood
Mr Mervyn and Mrs Helen Bradlow


Mr Thomas Brown
Mrs Frances Boucher and Mr John Cornish
Mr Richard How
Mr Rod and Mrs Judith Jackson
Mr Ivan and Mrs Cynthia Kapelus
Dr Richard and Mrs Gerda Kohn
Mr Hans Kortekass and Ms Denise Wyatt
Mr Barry Lock, Ms Patricia Lord
Mr Charles McGregor
Mr Alan Roe
Ms Ruth Rosen
Mr Robert and Mrs Caroline Scallon
Ms Marion Sossen
Mr Peter and Mrs Elaine Thoms
Mr Kjeld Thygesen
Ms Ruth Walton
Ms Sue Lawley and Mr Hugh Williams
Mr Edwin and Mrs Dina Wulfsohn

*a donation to mark the marriage of Tony Segal and Laurence Brido

Special thanks to those individuals and companies who have contributed to our fundraising auction events and concerts:

Mr Bob and Mrs Elisabeth Boas
Lady (Mary) Hatch
Simonsig Wines
Temple Church
Temple Music Foundation
Ms Naomi Waite.